Removing Google Plus pollution from Google News with AdBlock

For those of you still clinging to Google News like I am – mainly because you have neither the time nor the energy to make a user stylesheet to give Yahoo News a decent UI – you’re probably vexed with the continuing incursion of Google+ effluent into what is supposed to be a news site.

I’ll try to condense the obligatory Google Plus rant down real small this time: I DO NOT CARE ABOUT GOOGLE PLUS.  I WILL NOT USE IT.  STOP PUTTING IT IN MY NEWS, OR ANYWHERE ELSE FOR THAT MATTER. IT’S NOT POLITE TO POOP IN PUBLIC.

Since Google doesn’t care that nobody wants Google+, the above isn’t likely to happen, so I’ve temporarily solved the problem by blocking useless crap from Google Plus by using Adblock in Chrome. Similar techniques work for the various Adblocks in various Browsers; usually you can right-click on a steaming pile of content you don’t want, then click the AdBlock context menu, then (here’s the trick) click “Block an ad in this page,” and not “Block this ad.” Once you do that you can mouse around until you’ve highlighted the steaming Plus pile and left the rest of the content relatively intact, and add that rule to Adblock.

So far, here’s the only rule I’ve needed to de-Plus Google News for myself:[class="gpost-bubble"]

Enjoy. I’ll try to keep the above ruleset updated if I find myself needing to add more before I can replace Google News as I’ve replaced GMail and Google search. (I’m taking suggestions on replacements for News, Docs aka Drive, and Voice – the latter I’d happily pay for.)

Maybe someday I’ll get around to writing some user stylesheets that A) block Google Plus garbage from most other Google properties, and/or B) give similar services like Yahoo News a tolerable UI. Don’t hold your breath on either, though. I don’t have enough time for B, and A would require me to continue using Google properties when I am actively trying to disentangle myself from them as fast as possible.

Remember, Google, nobody wants to come to your obnoxious nerd tumbleweed party.


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