It’s 2013, yes? So, OTR encrypted SMS between Android and iOS?

Clearly this is worth a “long form” blog post where people can leave comments (and I can update the post if and when I get an answer).

By “I,” I really mean “we all” need encrypted SMS.

I need a method of exchanging OTR messages by SMS between Android and iOS devices.  I can’t find one.  Help?

Update, May 2014: Here’s an article which explains the options (which still don’t satisfy my requirement for SMS transport; I forgot why I had that requirement though). Fighting DISHFIRE: The State of Mobile, Cross-Platform, Encrypted Messaging


  • SMS transport is absolutely required.  I will be happy if I can also send messages via the intertubes, but the app(s) must support SMS.
  • OTR 3.1+ support for “socialist millionaire” authentication would be really nice.
  • Google Voice support (or avoidance) would be nice, but I can live without it.
    • By this, I mean it’d be nice if I could use my Google Voice number instead of the device’s native number, and have it work gracefully (or at all).
  • It really, really, truly needs to run on Android and iOS.

I’ll update the post with lots of details if and when I complete my quest for encrypted SMS between Android and iOS.




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