Raspbian Server Edition 2.3 torrent (1GB version)

A nice fellow named SirLagz has made “Raspbian Server Edition,” which is Raspbian for your Raspberry Pi, but with GUI and sound packages removed, and imaged to fit on an SD card as small as 1GB.

If you plan to use your Raspberry Pi as a network server and don’t need sound or a windowing system, Raspbian Server Edition is a great place to start.  The only difference from Raspbian is that some preloaded packages have been removed.  They are easy to reinstall if you need them.

It took me quite a while to download the images from SirLagz’s site, so I made a torrent of his latest version of Raspbian Server Edition. There should be enough seeds now that you’ll get a nice fast download over bittorrent if you want to use this distro on your Pi.

Here are some links to the torrent.  You can use the magnet link if the first two don’t work but it may take a while for your torrent client to “find” the torrent before it starts downloading.


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